What we offer


Our path to a successful integration and strong system of benefits ensure that you’re well taken care of from day one.


We fully immerse new candidates into the Malia Group Way through a dedicated Orientation Program and a customized On-Boarding Program. Here’s what you can expect from your first three months with us:

Orientation Program: Meet Malia Group

Malia Group all week long! You’ll get to know the company inside-and-out. During week one, we’ll arrange for a meet-and-greet of employees and departments so that you can get to know the people and different job functions and business entities within our vast Group. You’ll also get to know the systems that join us together in quick and easy steps. Come week two, you’ll be ready to start making your mark.

On-boarding Program: Get to know your job

The On-Boarding Program is designed to cater to your job description and includes awareness, on-the-job trainings, awareness sessions, coaching, and feedback – allowing you to successfully meet your assigned objectives. The Program gives you the opportunity to understand the requirements of your job and can last up to three months. At the end of each month, an appraisal session is scheduled with your manager(s) and HR to review your work, assess your learning curve, and fill in the gaps where necessary. The meetings also give you the opportunity to provide us with your insight and suggestions. Following the third month, you’ll feel comfortably settled in to launch your career with us. Welcome to Malia Group.

Tip: The keywords during this period are initiative and innovation.
We welcome and encourage new ideas. During these three months throw yourself into your job and feel free to make suggestions.


Our Compensation & Benefits Program is dedicated to ensure that employees are rewarded for their performance and the overall contribution they make to the company’s success and growth. Moreover, your compensation and benefits are regularly adjusted as per market requirements and individual performance.


Your wellbeing and that your future colleagues are of prime importance to us. While we implement the latest systems to simplify and boost collaboration between different employees, departments, businesses, and sectors; we also strive to create a pleasant and modern work environment.


As an employee of the company you are entitled to a host of health and financial benefits which include:

  • Health Benefits Social Security
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Financial Benefits
  • Educational Sponsorship for Higher Degree Programs
  • End of Service Indemnity
  • Paid Annual Leaves & Paid Holidays
  • Discounted Company Products
  • Corporate Rates in Retail Shops & Services
  • Family & School Allowances
  • Gifts for Special Occasions
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • On-site Cafeteria
  • Casual Friday