Maintenance Technician

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Job Purpose

- Responsible for performing preventive/corrective maintenance activities, and setup of machines.

Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group policies and procedures

Duties And Responsibilities

On Installation and Maintenance
1. Perform machines set up within specific time limits
2. Perform preventive maintenance for all the machines/Building utilities
3. Perform corrective maintenance whenever needed for equipment/Building utilities
4. Perform mounting and dismounting of machines when need be
5. Conduct regular check up on spare parts and tools
6. Repair machines in case of failure

On Preventive Maintenance
1. Carry out preventive maintenance programs
2. Regulate and adjust equipment when necessary

On Reporting and machine status update
1. Report to Maintenance Supervisor the status of the machines, as well as the inventory of the equipment, spare parts and tools
2. Suggest to Maintenance Supervisor the equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of required items
3. Report to Maintenance Supervisor all activities done and remarks
4. Fill out all required documents


Education And Experience


BT/TS or equivalent in electro-mechanics/electrical


1 year of related experience

Functional Competencies

1. Compliance 
2. Technical Support
3. Language Skills
4. Reporting 
5. Risk Management

Behavioral Competencies

1. Analytical Thinking
2. Initiative
3. Responsibility for Safety
4. Teamwork and Collaboration
5. Self-confidence

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