Audit Manager / Owner Rep

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Job Purpose

1- Responsible for the execution of Malia Group risk based audit approach for all Iraq subsidiaries; organize and oversee internal audits in accordance with the annual audit plan.
2- Responsible for successful completion of assigned audit engagements from start to finish: Inspect the compliance of developed and implemented documentation with National legislations, corporate regulations, standards, and approved policies and procedures.
3- Responsible for protecting the business interest of Erbil Hotels from all aspects while ensuring that the Business Owner’s objectives are being met.
4- Report and communicate breaches or potential issues with concerned; ensure all concerns are addressed and treated in a timely and effective manner.


Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group policies and procedures

Duties And Responsibilities

On Internal Audit Planning & Execution:
Lead and develop the yearly audit plan for all Iraq subsidiaries
Lead on processes, procedures and audit reports reviews; make sure related questionnaires and checklists are up-to-date
Maintain the highest technical and professional standards of audit activities
Conduct required audits as per set schedule (Collect data including copies of samples and gather all valuable information to be included in the Audit Report)
Analyze findings in coordination with the team, review compliance and conformity with procedures and regulations 
Share audit output with concerned Head of Department following each audit activity and lead on the development of corrective & preventive actions implementation as per set deadlines
Highlight pending matters to concerned Head of Department and make sure to include it within the scope of the next internal audit
Manage risks proactively; Highlight concerns and future risks before they arise, develop solutions and take needed action to avoid reoccurrence
Understand stakeholders' business needs and key risks to ensure efficiency of audits


On Inventory & Asset Management: 
Lead on inventories activities (in/out) as per set plan, validate highlighted discrepancies and performed reconciliations
Ensure proper departmental asset management and handling process, as per set procedure


On Audit Trends:
Keep up-to-date with latest audit trends


On Reporting:
Submit audit reports to the Group Internal Auditor highlighting strong vs. weak points; include recommendations and/or opportunities for improvement
Validate team audit reports including analysis and recommendations and provide support where needed


On Owner Representative Duties:
Track revenues and expenses for Erbil Hotels; Make sure expenses are within approved budget and highlight breaches to the Business Owner
Maintain complete coordination between the Business Owner and all operating parties making sure all agreements are in compliance and take corrective actions when needed
Approve non operation agreements with contractors or subcontractors, suppliers, equipment providers, engineers and architects
Approve high value contracts in coordination with the Business Owner
Approve payments of Assets and FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)purchases that are on Owner's account
Inspect and approve work at various stages and report progress to the Business Owner along with valid recommendations
Act as the organizational authority in investigating breaches or arising problems and recommend valid solutions to the Business Owner


On HR:
Contribute proactively with the Talent Acquisition Team in filling vacancies timely. Design/update related JD and on-boarding programs and ensure their proper understanding & implementation. Ensure an optimized structure in line with business priorities and performance
Provide direct reports with needed resources/tools and guidance to fulfill their role properly and set their training needs and development plan in coordination with L&DM. Celebrate achievements, highlight to PCM people with potential to offer them perspective for growth
Set direct reports annual Business Goals and required competencies and conduct quarterly feedback sessions to appraise their performance. Monitor continuously direct report productivity and take corrective actions in due time. Issue misconducts and enroll under-performers in related program


Education And Experience


Bachelor degree in Business Administration/Audit/Accounting/Finance


Minimum 8 years of experience in the field

Functional Competencies

1. Planning & Organizing
2. Audit
3. Reporting
4. Action Plan
5. Inventory Management
6. Compliance
7. People Management
8. Risk Management

Behavioral Competencies

1. Attention to details
2. Teamwork and collaboration
3. Analytical Thinking
4. Information Seeking
5. Strategic Thinking
6. Initiative
7. Collaborative Influence

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