Recruitment Process

Here’s what to expect: At Malia Group we have a standard recruitment process that all candidates go through to ensure we review every application to find the best candidate for the role.
The recruitment process can take up to 6 weeks and follow these steps:
  • 1


    Check out our current vacancies online. If you’re interested in any of the vacancies, fill an online application.

  • 2

    Candidates Shortlisting

    We review all applications and may contact you for further information about your background and experience.

  • 3


    If you have been shortlisted, we will arrange for interviews to take place. You may be asked to attend two or more interviews so that we get to know you better. We use a combination of behavioral-based and competency-based interviews.

    This is also an opportunity for you to find out about us. We believe that the two-way communication starts from day one, so learn more about us before your scheduled interview and ask away.

  • 4


    Depending on the role, we may ask you to complete an online or on-premises assessment. We use these assessments to measure skills and abilities that generally do not emerge from interviews. These assessments are critical as they help determine if you possess the competencies needed to be successful in the assigned job.

  • 5

    Job Offer

    Following a thorough reference check, we present you with a job offer that combines a competitive salary, benefits and perks.

  • 6

    Orientation & Onboarding

    Once recruited, we will prepare your orientation and onboarding programs to guide you along your path.

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