How long does it take for an application to be processed?
Applications are usually reviewed within one week. Your application will be reviewed carefully in relation to the requirements of the position and the relative qualifications of other candidates. This should take one week. If it is has been decided to pursue your application, you will follow the recruitment process. If your profile does not match any of our openings, we will notify you and your CV will be kept active in our database.
Do you hire people on a part-time basis?
Not as a practice. However, there are a few part-time openings.
How will I know that I am selected?
If you are selected for the position, you will be contacted by an HR Representative. An offer will be made shortly thereafter.
Can I apply to more than one position?
Yes. You can apply for more than one position. We would like you to look carefully at the requirements for each position and apply only to those that best suit your qualifications.
What can I expect from an internship at Malia Group?
Our internship program provides college students and fresh graduates with 12 weeks of supervised, practical work experience in areas directly related to your education and career goals. You will experience daily challenges in a dynamic environment. We strive to provide you with a collaborative and inspiring internship experience.
Will my internship lead to full-time employment?
We select talented undergraduate and fresh undergraduate students and evaluate them based on grade point average, leadership abilities, communication skills and relevant coursework – the same criteria used for entry-level employee selection. At the end of the internship, full-time employment is not guaranteed, but interns may apply to open positions.
Did not find the job you are looking for?
Apply now for future vacancies.