Beirut, Lebanon

Fostering Productivity and Well-Being


The Business Case for Investing in Women’s Employment in Lebanon
Malia Group
Fostering Productivity and Well-Being Through Family-Friendly Policies


This company insight explores how one Lebanese company, the Malia Group, has benefited from providing employees with family- friendly work arrangements. The Malia Group has introduced a range of affordable and practical policies that support parents in the workplace without compromising the company’s profit margins. The company insight was compiled using in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with employees of Malia Group, as well as analysis of the company’s HR data. Data collection included ten interviews with employees from senior and mid-level management (six women and four men), as well as two focus group discussions with junior workers (one with five women and the other with five men). The sample size however is not statistically significant and cannot be used to draw definite conclusions but rather provides anecdotal evidence on the topic of this study.


“The Business Case for Investing in Women's Employment in Lebanon: Malia Group - Fostering productivity and well-being through family-friendly policies”, have just been published on the MGF website in both English and Arabic.